Steel​-​Toed Boot Sodomy [Single]

by Hepatectomy

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First single. Packs more of a grindcore sound than our soon-to-come brutal slamming sound.


released November 6, 2015

Zack Glaeser (Travesty Of Mankind, JxOxAxLxWxRxAxTxAxCxFxCx) - Instruments
Tyler Johnson - vocals



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Hepatectomy Rock Spring, Georgia

Hepatectomy is a three-man international slamming brutal death metal band with members from the USA and Russia.
Lineup -
T.J. Mundy (Bass) (on standby)
Juliette Ringsrud (Guitars, Drums)
Tyler Johnson (Vocals)
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Track Name: Steel-Toed Boot Sodomy
Go on, bitch and cry
Your shit just keeps getting old
And now it's time to die
As I put my boot in your asshole
You scream in pain as your sphincter ruptures
In a matter of a second my boot pushes through your bowels
Shit, blood and entrails fall from your ass
I pull my boot out, shaking it off
As you die from bleeding you spill organs from your opened ass
I've put my foot up your ass and not in a figuritive way
You've experienced what it's like to die painfully
My leg was knee deep in your bowels
You're dead now due to ruptured bowels and an eviscerated anus
I've placed my steel-toed boot right up your ass